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One of the projects can be an advocate website for indigenous philosophy for the indigenous community (education authorities), etc. similar to 

4Humanities: Advocating for the Humanities.


Proposed Goal:  To provide a space, place and forum for indigenous peoples from around the world to articulate indigenous knowledge in academic, advocacy and community projects and campaigns.

Operational Terms

Aboriginal (for our purposes) are those whose indigenous heritage is based on the nation states of Canada and the United States of America.  (Many First Nations, Inuit and Metis communities are in both countries).  Aboriginal people sharing the land with Canadians will take a host role to the network of world’s indigenous communities.

Indigenous means all peoples who are or who self-identify with an indigenous group anywhere in the world.  Indigenous in many parts of the world cannot be defined in North American terms; indigenous thought can also be applied to people who are not technically indigenous but have been related to a piece of territory for many thousands of years and have developed a tradition of thought based on experience of and with that peace of land.  China proper gives us that example. 

Proposed Objectives

The purposes of the Association of Global Indigenous Students (AGIS) is to;

  1. Honor and exercise the host role of Aboriginal North America in facilitating the expression of indigenous thought globally as represented and experienced within the membership
  2. Support the socio-economic, political, cultural-education, recreational objectives that strengthen the experience of indigenous membership
  3. Expedite an inter-disciplinary approach to the exploration of indigenous thought in education systems.
  4. Facilitate a larger conversation about members discovering and reconnecting with their indigenous roots, traditions globally and within the realities of the Canadian context.
  5. Assist in an pluralistic  approach to Talking Circles regarding indigenous relations in a pluralistic and multicultural Canadian setting. (see definition of indigenous for the purposes of this non-profit society)
  6. Other activities, events, visioning specifics that arise from membership initiative.




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